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4 Popular Burglary Myths Debunked

Around 4,433 burglaries take place in the UK each year. When you think about the amount of security products available, it’s terrifying to see that the numbers are still so high.

So why aren’t people protecting their homes from break-ins?

A lot of the problems arise from not having the correct advice on both burglaries and home security.

Getting the wrong information about burglaries could potentially be dangerous, as this is when people start to make mistakes with their home security.

As a leading fire and security company, BWS Security offers high quality and reliable burglar alarms that provide protection for homes across the South West, including Wells, Glastonbury, Shepton Mallet.

Burglar Alarms Shepton Mallet
Burglar Alarm Experts: A burglar alarm that is visible to those outside your home, can often be a deterrent for those simply trying to find an easy home to get in and out.
Burglar Alarms Shepton Mallet

To avoid putting yourself in this position, we have put together a guide to some of the most common myths. Knowing the real facts behind burglaries, could actually save you from experiencing one.

Throughout the Shepton Mallet area, our team has installed
a number of alarm systems to protect homes and families.
Burglars Always Smash a Window to Enter Your Home

Thanks to the hundreds of movies and TV shows that depict burglaries, a lot of people wrongly assume that a burglar will always smash a window to enter your home. Whilst some might take this approach, it’s far more likely that they will enter through your front door.

This could be by taking advantage of a forgetful homeowner who has forgotten to lock their door – this is more common than you think.

However, many gain entry by pretending to be a delivery man or electrician wanting to check your metre. As soon as you open your door, they can force their way inside.

Burglar Alarms Shepton Mallet
Burglars Will Target Homes During the Night

The idea that burglars only make their move during the dead of night is something else that Hollywood has led us to believe. The most common portrayals of thieves show them dressed all in black and creeping around your bed whilst you sleep. This isn’t actually true.

Burglars don’t want to get caught. They want to get in and out without any interruption. This means that they are likely to strike at times in which people are more likely to be out of the home – during the day.

A huge amount of burglaries take place between the hours of 7am-6pm. This is when most people are out at work – the perfect time to get in and out unnoticed.

It Won’t Happen to me

We’ve heard this one a thousand times before “We just never thought it would happen to us.”

The fact is that a burglary could (and has) happen to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you live in a nice quiet area or you live in a secure neighbourhood, if your house isn’t protected, it could still happen to you.

The best way to prevent your home from being broken into is to invest in high quality security. Nothing else will protect your home in the same way.

Burglar Alarms Shepton Mallet
Home Security Won’t Stop Them

“What’s the point in paying for home security, it won’t stop them anyway”

If a burglar can’t easily break into your home, they are likely to move on. Having security inside and outside of your home will deter anyone from even trying to break in. Why risk getting caught?

Once a burglar encounters a security problem, they will move on to the next target.

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How safe and secure is your home?

If you feel like your home could do with extra protection. We are leading provider of security solutions, including products such as intruder alarms and CCTV in Bristol. Our number one aim is to help you to protect your home from unwanted visitors.

Burglar Alarms Shepton Mallet
4 Popular Burglary Myths
Around 4,433 burglaries take place in the UK each year. When you think about the amount of security products available... Read more
Burglar Alarms Shepton Mallet
Mistakes You Could Be Making
Having your home broken into can be a terrifying experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re there at the time it happens... Read more
Burglar Alarms Shepton Mallet
Burglar Alarms
Burglar alarms offer reliable
protection for your home.
Burglar Alarms Shepton Mallet
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