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What do you do if you suspect someone
has broken into your business?

Some burglaries are easy to spot: the broken glass and ringing burglar alarm are obvious signs. But what if you merely suspect that a break-in has occurred and you need to investigate more closely before taking serious action? This guide will help you uncover what has happened, what action to take (or not take) and how to protect your business premises from further intrusions.

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Identifying a break-in

If you are the first person to arrive at your business premises and there are signs of an apparent break-in, consider your personal safety first. Rather than rushing in, call the police and ask them to check it out as the intruder may still be inside. If you’re not the business owner, call whoever is in charge and inform them.

If you are already inside the building when you realise there has been a break-in, leave immediately without touching anything. Your work environment is now a crime scene, so try not to disturb it. Take a note of anything you have touched.

Once the police have gathered evidence you may be able to reopen your business premises, but make sure support is on hand for anyone who has been affected by the crime and that any unauthorised paths of entry and exit, for example broken windows, are dealt with swiftly.

Prevent burglaries at your workplace

Prevention is usually better than cure, and this is certainly the case when it comes to business security. Don’t wait until a break-in occurs to take action. If you’ve already suffered a burglary, it’s time to upgrade your security measures.

Document the break-in

List everything that has been damaged during the break-in as well as any items that have been stolen. Has any information been stolen from your computers, for example payment details or confidential documents? Make a note of serial numbers and look for receipts so you can inform your insurance provider and make a claim. Take photos of the scene before you start the clean-up process. This information and evidence may be needed by your insurer or by the police.

Review your security measures

You may have neglected to put security measures in place or perhaps your systems were down on the day in question. If so, don’t beat yourself up about it, but make sure you evaluate what security systems you need to prevent further incidents. A functioning burglar alarm is an essential if you want to deter intruders. CCTV can also be a really good deterrent as well as providing evidence of what has been taken and who has taken it for prosecution and insurance purposes.

As criminals tend to target properties more than once if no security is added, it’s important that you act quickly to avoid repeat offences. Make sure your burglar alarm and CCTV systems are highly visible and add signs announcing that you have CCTV in place to remove any doubt. Make sure you regularly maintain your security systems so that they work effectively in the event of an attempted robbery.

Intruder Alarms Frome
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