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Keeping Your Valuables Safe & Secure in the Home

We all know the dangers of not protecting our valuables when we’re on holiday or out and about. However, how many of you put much thought into protecting valuables within your own home?

Most people have items that they consider as being valuable. This doesn’t have to be because of the price of the item; it could be that they have a sentimental value. Whatever the reason, it’s important that these are kept safe from theft.

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If you want to prevent your important items falling into the wrong hands, follow our advice…

Install a Security System

A security system is probably the most effective way of preventing a burglary happening within your home. Whilst they can initially cost you money, they can also save you a lot of money (and heartache) in the long run. Whether it’s installing CCTV or choosing to put in a burglar alarm, you’re taking steps to reduce the risk of anything happening. A high quality security system will alert you to anyone lurking around your home.

Put Important Items into a Safe

Many people believe that safes are just for commercial properties, but the fact is, they have become a lot more popular in residential properties too. This is because they make a fantastic place to store important documents, such as passports and insurance documents. A safe is a heavy object so it’s very unlikely that a burglar would attempt to pick it up and leave your home with it.

You can also store your valuables in a safe too! From jewellery to money, it’s perfect for keeping items safe and secure. Just remember to keep it locked!

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Keep Expensive Items out of Sight

A simple but very effective way of keeping valuables safe in your home is to keep them out of sight. Don’t leave your expensive laptop lying around in front of the window for everyone to see – this is just inviting someone to break in. Reduce the temptation for those pesky thieves by keeping all valuables away from windows and doors. However, forget about hiding them in your underwear draw. This is the FIRST place that burglars will look. This brings us to…

Don’t Hide Valuables in Obvious Places

Whether in your underwear draw or under your mattress, it’s important that you don’t keep your important possessions in places that are obvious to intruders. Whilst it might appear to be a safe spot, it’s will be the very first place that a thief will look. Burglars are smart – you need to assume that they are aware of all the standard places for hiding valuables. This is when a safe becomes a much better option.

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Don’t risk your house being broken into; take steps to reduce the possibility of it happening and protect your belongings. At BWS Security, we specialise in providing high quality security systems. From CCTV to burglar alarms, our job is to provide you with the best home security.

To find out more, please contact us on 01225 800 602 and we will be more than happy to help.

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