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They Stole What? The Most Bizarre
Burglaries (Part Two)

Burglaries are usually in the news because millions of pounds worth of goods have been stolen, or because of the brutality of the ordeal suffered by the people who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. These infamous events are often carried out by groups of people who target homes, cars or businesses. As a leading provider of security services in Bath, we understand how important burglar alarms and CCTV are in preventing theft.

However, sometimes there are burglaries in the news that leave us scratching our heads and asking, “They stole what?!” Following on from part one of our series about bizarre burglaries, we’ve found a few more people that could have done with upping their security to prevent the strange events that unfolded.

Our team here at BWS Security, offers their high quality security systems and services with you in mind. Speak to us today for a free quote on improving the protection you have.

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"Our 35 years' experience has lead to us seeing a number of strange items being stolen. However, sometimes we are surprised with a new strange item. Below is some of the latest."

To find out more about the security services that we provide throughout the Frome area, simply get in touch with our team.   SPEAK TO OUR EXPERTS
Pick up a Penguin

In 2012, three young Brits found themselves making international headlines after getting drunk and breaking into SeaWorld in Australia. The trio swam with dolphins in the aquarium before disturbing a penguin called Dirk and taking him with them.

After their boozy night, the lads found Dirk in their apartment and proceeded to dump him at a lagoon. Poor thing.

He was later found hungry and traumatised but was returned to SeaWorld.

Security Systems Frome
Batman to the Rescue

What first appeared to be a heart-warming tale about a vigilante foiling a burglary and bringing the guilty party to justice was in fact nothing of the sort.

In a true Hollywood-style turn of events, the Caped Crusader was actually a friend of the burglar who willingly went with him to the police station. A month later the Batman-clad hero was himself arrested for burglary. Bizarre!

To Catch a Predator

Even for the most Die Hard movie buffs, stealing a piece of memorabilia seems a little odd. In a spate of thefts around Mansfield, residents kept finding random objects going missing.

They included an alien fancy-dress costume, a multicoloured flat-cap and a chainsaw. With it being at the end of September last year, we wonder if the burglars in question were trying to put together a Halloween costume.

Security Systems Frome
Prevent these things happening with us

To prevent being a victim of a strange burglary like these, make sure you have proper security in place.

BWS are a leading provider of security services in Bath, and throughout the whole of the UK. We pride ourselves on our ability to equip customers with the best possible security systems.

Whether you’re looking for burglar alarms or CCTV, contact us by calling 01225 800 602 and a member of our expert team will be happy to help.

Security Systems Frome
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