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Top Tips to Improve Your Security (Part 2): Business

In part one of our series on improving your security we focused on the home – with a range of easy and practical tips for feeling safe and secure when you’re on home turf. With part two, it’s time to look at how you can make a difference at work – the best tips for businesses that want to stop intruders in their tracks!

Shine a Light

Security Systems Yeovil

Attracting attention to your building with security lighting ensures that nobody can approach your premises without having to face the possibility that somebody else might be watching them – with bright lights tracing their every move, no thief will feel comfortable attempting a break in. This makes security lighting a fantastic deterrent, and if it’s ignored then there’s a good chance that the disturbance will either attract the attention of somebody who can sound the alarm, or at the very least show up better on CCTV footage which can later be used to apprehend the offenders.

Keep Data under (Virtual) Lock and Key

You might think that your business is safe because you’ve made a point of getting the best alarm systems, security cameras and locks for your doors and windows. While the importance of these things can’t be understated, we live in a technical age now, so criminals can do damage to your company without even walking up the front steps.

This means that it’s just as important to work on strategies for warding off hackers and cyber pirates. The good news is that there are three easy strategies that you can put in place right now. Firstly, go over passwords and make sure they’re strong, varied and, crucially, not written down anywhere – keep them stored away in your memory.

The next step is encryption. Don’t let your files be opened by just anyone – if you’ve got data stored on USB sticks or other external devices, get them encrypted and stop criminals in their tracks. Finally, back up your data. You can protect it from being opened and read, but you might not be able to stop hackers from scrambling it until it’s no use to anybody. If everything is backed up then that’s something that you just don’t have to worry about.

Know who’s Coming and Going

Security Systems Yeovil

Efficient access control systems such as keypads or coded cards can help you to restrict access to your premises, so that only people who are authorised can get through the front door. These can be as simple or as high tech as you need them to be, whether that means a system that covers the whole premises or a single door. We can help you set up a fantastic system for access control in Bristol, and other locations across the UK, so contact us at 01179 255755 to bring your security right up to date.

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