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Low-profile, high quality lockdown solution with integrated pager units
School Lockdown Systems Bristol Low profile pager units send alerts direct to staff
School Lockdown Systems Bristol Highly customisable audible and visual alerts
School Lockdown Systems Bristol Easy-to-use, long range wireless pager units
Specifically designed to alert staff to events whilst reducing panic in an emergency situation
Aimed at Schools and learning environments, our lockdown system with integrated pager units provides a low-profile, yet powerful solution for incident reporting, coordination and response.

Our system is one of the most powerful on the market, with a wide range of tailored options to ensure our system slips seamlessly into your current staff training and emergency procedures.
School Lockdown Call now on 01225 800602
Is our pager lockdown system right for you?
Utilising pager units allows you to report, coordinate and respond quickly without creating panic across the premises.
School Lockdown Alarms Personal Pager Units for staff
School Lockdown Alarms Audible and Visual alerts
School Lockdown Alarms Customisable messages and alerts
School Lockdown Alarms Completely wireless design
School Lockdown Alarms Easy to implement system
School Lockdown Alarms Transmission range of up to one mile
Paging Lockdown Systems
How does the system work?
In the event of an incident requiring rapid response, the pager units provide an audible and visual lockdown alert which can be tailored with unique messages.
Alerts can be customised to suit events such as;
Alert 1 - Immediate evacuation of the building and premises
Alert 2 - Immediate evacuation to predetermined INTERNAL safety stations
Alert 3 - Immediate evacuation to predetermined EXTERNAL safety stations
Alert 4 - Remain in classrooms and secure all doors and windows
Alert 5 - System testing with no action required
Paging Lockdown Systems
Ensure your alerts stay low profile
We understand it is prudent to choose a system where the call can be raised discreetly, as not to raise tension in the room. Panic that can make the situation much worse to manage. This understanding of the environment is translated into the design of our lockdown system, with portable personal pagers that only alert staff.
Paging Lockdown Systems
Customise your levels of alert
Our portable pagers can provide both audible and visual alerts, with atleast two levels of alarm. Many of our clients choose for two distinct alarms for both Assistance and Attack, principally because the pagers can be worn on one's belt and can be discreetly and quickly read and actioned.
Paging Lockdown System
Reliable coverage up to one mile range
Our wide area pagers and long range systems are cost effective, reliable and easy to use. As a method of communication for individuals, collages and schools alike, these pagers will suit a wide range of requirements and budgets for your pager plans.
Improve efficiency and eliminate the need for expensive PA Systems with a BWS lockdown solution
Our paging and communication tools can also supersede aging PA systems, allowing you to elimintate the requirement for expensive public address systems. In doing so, our pagers can help maintain a level of calm in emergency situations due to their low-profile nature.
Looking for more lockdown system information?
Speak with our team and we'll happily send you more information on systems adequate for your requirement and environment. If required, we can also meet you at your premises to better understand your needs.
We can provide advice and options for Lockdown Systems
Our team are Lockdown specialists and can provide guidance on developing an effective procedure to maximise efficiency at your premises.
Get in touch with our team
School Lockdown Alarms Proven Solutions: Designed and Manufactured in the United Kingdom
The BWS Standfast School Lockdown System can be installed indoors or outdoors and can be tailored to a wide range of applications.
For more information, please contact our experts and we will happily arrange a site visit to discuss your requirements.
Contact our friendly team for more information
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